Amplify Workshops


Workshop #1 - Social Justice (H.G. Bishop Angaelos)

Divine discontentment is to live beyond my selfish needs for God. But shouldn’t I do what’s best for me before thinking of others? Shouldn’t my country do what’s best for us before serving others? How does social justice, politics, and divine discontentment go hand in hand?


Workshop #2 - Discontentment in Orthodoxy (H.G. Bishop Basil)

Being a fan of Jesus is manageable, but being a follower of Him requires much more, especially in the context of the Orthodox faith. The fasts and practices of the Church may seem daunting, but all the rites and rituals are there to aid me to live a life of divine discontentment.


Workshop #3 - Leadership Workshop (Raymond Tadros)

Regardless of where you are in life, you are a leader in some capacity. If I am called to be ‘apostolic’ (messenger of Christ), what does that look like at school or workplace? How can I lead the people beside me, above and below me?